Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend we got lucky with some wonderful weather that it still felt like summer… which was fantastic. However I was hit with a slap of autumn as I left my house this morning and had to reach for my peacoat. It’s officially fall.
But I love our weekend rewinds because I can relive my last flash of summer. And without further ado, here’s a few snaps from the weekend, hope you had a great one x




PS. The last pic is of my new favorite non-alcoholic drink… Sparkling strawberry lemonade, seriously deelish. Will try to find a good recipe to share soon!

Pinteresting bright colors












I’ve been taking inspiration from a few wonderful websites and I’ve found my Pinterest board is just flooded with bright, sunny colors. Above are some of my favorite new pins.

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of excitement coming up and lots of reasons to celebrate. My best friend from college gets married in less than 2 weeks (!!) and I’ve got a bit of shopping to so before I head off to South Carolina for a few days.

In the meantime for inspiration I’m going to spend lots of time on Pinterest, not a terrible way to spend time I think…

Weekend Rewind

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

What a great weekend that has just flown by! I landed in New York after a stressful day and was so thankful to be home even for the weekend. I miss my family too much!

Jess and I spent the day working at the New York Stock Exchange then went for delicious drinks at Dead Rabbit (highly recommend). On Saturday we got to go for a long walk with my little pup nephew Darwin, eat tasty NY bagels, go for a little shopping and we had a wonderful time. My mom, and one of our other mothers, one of my best friends from home came in for the night for a much needed girls night. We had delicious dinner at Backyard, then bar hopped our way home celebrating Paddy’s Day!

Last night we went to dinner in DUMBO and are spending today celebrating the holiday at various Irish bars. Hope you had a great weekend and that you get to have a beer today to celebrate :)





Love: Strawfoot handbags





Happy Monday friends! I stumbled upon this fabulous site with these wonderful handbags that I love!!

Let me introduce you to Strawfoot bags and aren’t they lovely? See all their line here.

Weekend Rewind


I had a few days off work at the end of last week so my weekend was extra long and it was perfect. I had a little extra time in Dublin, had a very quick trip to Galway, and an even quicker trip to Northern Ireland, to visit Belfast where I hadn’t been before. Beautiful city, worth a look if ever on this lovely island.

Then on Friday I took a trip down to my boyfriend’s family’s holiday home and lots of his family was down to visit as well, so I had a lovely time with his whole family. It was also Frank’s niece’s third birthday so we had a grand time celebrating with cake for breakfast!

We went swimming in the ocean in the rain on Saturday and Sunday (it was freezing), spent a lot of time in the local pub and ate a lot of potatoes (it was international potato day on Friday!!).

Saturday evening we went fishing (I cannot remember the last time I’ve been) on Clew Bay. The views were fantastic and we caught a “shite load” of mackerel. Check out a little video from the water below.

This weekend also was the semi-finals for Gaelic football, which is an incredibly awesome Irish sport. It’s kind of like rugby and American football in a way. County Mayo played against Tyrone on Sunday, so we all spent the afternoon watching the match in the pub.

Mayo won after a fairly close game and this was great because then all of Frank’s family (Mayo supporters) stayed happy for the night. We only arrived back very late last night, and today I am very sleepy.

Hope your weekend was lovely!

Photo Finish: summer favorites

summer fave photo finishI was going through some old flash drives I found in my backpack (that I’ve had for over nine years!) and stumbled upon my very first film photography class portfolio. In the folder, I found some hilarious gems of friends (including the above photo) from sophomore year of college and remembered how fun college was.

I’ve been graduated well over a year now (eek!) and sometimes I really miss living a 10-minute drive from the beach and praying that they don’t card me at the bar. Surely everyone feels like this when they’re in their early twenties (or perhaps the rest of their life) but I had one of “those were the days” moments and that made me feel really old.

Since realizing this I’ve decided I need some more adventure in this summer! A little less planning, a lot more whatever and a hell of a lot more spiked lemonade. I guess I need to find somewhere to skinny dip or something!

Anyway, here’s to the weekend my friends! I’ve put together a few of my summer favorites (I will hold onto summer as long as I possibly can) so hope that you guys enjoy. Have a lovely weekend and go out on an adventure!

bikini / beach blanket / mascara / chubby stick / summer hat / blush / sandals

PS. If you ever do want to read a little more about my adventures (I’m trying to do more in this foreign country I live in) you can check out my personal blog about living abroad right here.

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