My loveseat at home is very sad. While it’s pull-out bed–an excellent bonus feature–has allowed my visiting friends and family a place to rest their heads other than my floor, it’s original cream color is now an unattractive beige with some suspicious food/wine/dirt stains on the underside of each cushion.

Because I can’t afford or fit a new couch in my living room, I started looking at covers for the loveseat. Let me tell you, it is slim pickings out there. These were my favorites … I counted out all loose fitting, drape covers because I think they’re terrible.

If anyone out there has a slammin’ couch/sofa/slipcover and can remember where they purchased it, I’m all ears.

Top right: EKTORP Loveseat cover in Svanby Gray, from IKEA $239

Top left:  EKTORP Loveseat cover in Abyn Blue, from IKEA $139

Bottom: Stretch Elegance Coffee 2-Piece Furniture Covers by Sure Fit® , from Bed Bath & Beyond $119.99