Ahhh, how everyone loves this time of the year. Plus, still loving our girl Zooey and her soft voice.

With my new (red!) mixer as an early Christmas present, I have been set-up in the kitchen for the past few days…  and it’s been too fun.

Here’s some projects I’ve finished/in the middle of/haven’t even started. I would have my very own pictures but my camera has completely died. If you’d like to follow my Pinterest, I have a board devoted to Christmas things also.

Peppermint marshmallows. These came out deelish but super sticky. Will be heading to NYC Thursday for a two-hour night cruise and planning on sneaking these in along with a cheeky flask of spiked hot chocolate. These will be the perfect addition.

Awesome paper gift toppers/banners. Haven’t started this yet and normally my snowflakes look like some tribal/Native American mix sooo this one will be interesting.

Chocolate peppermint cake roll. This is mainly because I want to test out all the features on my mixer, but still this will be delicious.

Empty aluminum foil boxes wrapped and turned into treat holders. Genius idea! These actually aren’t that hard to do and come out super cute. I don’t have those cute gold buttons so I’ve just got to make up some idea on how to close them easier…

Peanut butter fudge. To Jess, love me. I’m awful at surprises and this year is no different. Seester, excuse my language, but this shit is delicious.