Picture 3I have a confession to make.

Yesterday, I bought my very first pair of espadrilles. We have blogged about espadrilles on several occasions (as seen here and here) and Jess has long been a fan. However, I hadn’t gotten around to buying my very own pair.

Jess has these adorable Toms espadrille wedges (similar here) but this year they were giving her blisters. We had a dedicated shopping morning while in Barcelona yesterday, and Jess found these fantastic espadrilles by Gaimo. They make her legs look fantastic – which isn’t that hard to do, I mean she’s training for a half marathon! And, to top it off they were only 30 euro / 39 us dollars.

After we spent the afternoon stand-up paddle boarding (how horrible is vacation? I’ve only been home four hours and I miss it) we went to go to this fabulous restaurant near our hotel. The whole walk there I was still thinking about Jess’ new espadrilles and decided I should probably get a pair. However I decided I should leave it to fate, if there was a wait for our table then I’d go back to the shop around the corner to buy a pair. As luck would have it there was!

I’m sitting here looking at my beautiful new strappy espadrilles and very thankful that there was a 45 minute wait. They were quite affordable and they are seriously comfortable – you can see the entire collection here, which is where I sourced the photos from. Also, they have some great mens shoes too!

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