Picture 1Hi guys! So sorry for the late post… today’s a holiday here in Ireland so I spent the long weekend with my boyfriend’s family in the west coast of Ireland. I haven’t had internet for three days and we just got home.

Anyways, just wanted to share my favourite (my computer’s been set to English (UK) so it autocorrects everything with ‘u’s in words… sorry!) luggage/bags for a weekend getaway.

Jess gave me a fantastic Herschel Supply Co weekender bag (similar here) when I graduated from college last year, and my love for these bags just grew. Visiting Jess in NYC this year, I bought a messenger bag (similar here) I use every day to cycle to work with and it’s perfect.

This weekend I brought both for my weekend away and didn’t stop getting compliments on them! Jess is awesome, and bought me a red/tan bag so I decided to go with a teal/tan messenger bag and the set together is perfection. Also they both are canvas so super easy to wash and really practical to carry.

I was debating between getting the messenger bag and this backpack, and now I really think I should have both. Not sure if it’s a need situation… but definitely a love! I think that they’re great for travelling and I love how the cross-body bags all have a cushion for the shoulder making them really comfortable.

All photos are from the Herschel 2013 lookbook.

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