Is anyone else’s summer just running away from them? I’m just starting a stretch of weekend plans/events that’ll last till mid-September. Even though all of it will be so much fun–visiting my dad, seeing another AUS girl tie the knot and watching PSU kick off the football season in NYC–I feel like fall is dangerously close, and I’m just not on board with it yet.

This weekend, I put off some work on Friday in favor of sneaking to the beach with Eric and then had crazy-awesome cocktails at Clover Club in Cobble Hill to toast our two year anniversary of living in Brooklyn with our neighbors. Saturday was spent celebrating my wonderful friend and bride to be Julie (the second of the AUS ladies to get married this year. We toasted Chelsea’s big day in Antigua in May) in Philadelphia. We went to a comedy club, hit the town for some drinks and snacked on phallic-shaped cake pops. Not to mention I made it home in time for stooptails like a real lush.  All in all, I’d say it was a pretty successful weekend. Now I just need to make summer last forever.