This post is going to be controversial for two reasons. The first is because I swore I was done buying casual sneaks in 2011, 2012 and again this year after I went buck wild at Old Navy. I was clearly out of my mind when I swore to such a thing. The other reason is because I know sneaker wedges are a polarizing topics. Guys don’t understand them and girls either love them or love to hate them. I am in the camp of the former and have been ever since Sporty Spice took the stage at the Olympics last year … I’ll let you take a few moments to judge me.

I’ve been too chicken to buy a pair and too cheap to justify the price tag (some of them are ridiculously expensive), but when I saw these ones from Roxy last week, I knew my time had come. They’re comfy, not too crazy and, in my mind, flippin’ adorable with shorts, a casual dress or skinny jeans. There’s a 50/50 shot I’ll look back on this fashion decision in a few years (or 6 months) and think “WTF, self?” but for right now, I’m pretty pumped about my purchase.

Looking through a lot of Sincerely Jules, the queen of sneaker wedges, posts may have also helped justify the choice. Are there any daring purchases you’ve been wanting to make?

*Photos via Pinterest