I had a few days off work at the end of last week so my weekend was extra long and it was perfect. I had a little extra time in Dublin, had a very quick trip to Galway, and an even quicker trip to Northern Ireland, to visit Belfast where I hadn’t been before. Beautiful city, worth a look if ever on this lovely island.

Then on Friday I took a trip down to my boyfriend’s family’s holiday home and lots of his family was down to visit as well, so I had a lovely time with his whole family. It was also Frank’s niece’s third birthday so we had a grand time celebrating with cake for breakfast!

We went swimming in the ocean in the rain on Saturday and Sunday (it was freezing), spent a lot of time in the local pub and ate a lot of potatoes (it was international potato day on Friday!!).

Saturday evening we went fishing (I cannot remember the last time I’ve been) on Clew Bay. The views were fantastic and we caught a “shite load” of mackerel. Check out a little video from the water below.

This weekend also was the semi-finals for Gaelic football, which is an incredibly awesome Irish sport. It’s kind of like rugby and American football in a way. County Mayo played against Tyrone on Sunday, so we all spent the afternoon watching the match in the pub.

Mayo won after a fairly close game and this was great because then all of Frank’s family (Mayo supporters) stayed happy for the night. We only arrived back very late last night, and today I am very sleepy.

Hope your weekend was lovely!