Sneaker. Wedges.






This post is going to be controversial for two reasons. The first is because I swore I was done buying casual sneaks in 2011, 2012 and again this year after I went buck wild at Old Navy. I was clearly out of my mind when I swore to such a thing. The other reason is because I know sneaker wedges are a polarizing topics. Guys don’t understand them and girls either love them or love to hate them. I am in the camp of the former and have been ever since Sporty Spice took the stage at the Olympics last year … I’ll let you take a few moments to judge me.

I’ve been too chicken to buy a pair and too cheap to justify the price tag (some of them are ridiculously expensive), but when I saw these ones from Roxy last week, I knew my time had come. They’re comfy, not too crazy and, in my mind, flippin’ adorable with shorts, a casual dress or skinny jeans. There’s a 50/50 shot I’ll look back on this fashion decision in a few years (or 6 months) and think “WTF, self?” but for right now, I’m pretty pumped about my purchase.

Looking through a lot of Sincerely Jules, the queen of sneaker wedges, posts may have also helped justify the choice. Are there any daring purchases you’ve been wanting to make?

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Stand by Your Man


Heading out of town with your man before Labor Day? Australian company Elk is just killing it with men’s accessories and travel gear. These pieces are stylish, reasonably priced and strong enough to endure day-to-day commuting or jet setting around the globe. I’d love to get this phone and card holder, toiletry case or overnight bag (for around $230 USD) for Eric or, let’s be honest, even myself. Who says a woman can’t have a few masculine touches in her repertoire!

Printed dresses

printed dressesOkay, I have been seeing some fantastic Mara Hoffman bikinis it seems everywhere this summer. Wether it’s in magazines, on the beach, in shops, her fantastic printed swimwear is far and wide.

Today I went to finally shop online for a bikini, only to find some perfect printed dresses that I love and I need right now. A lot of them are on the pricier side (up to $350) but lots of these great summer dresses are on sale so I had to feature them here.

Plus, the maxi dress I could definitely see wearing it through autumn with a denim jacket and some cute espadrilles. Could be worth the investment!

All Mara Hoffman dresses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6




Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just dropping you all a line to let you know that some much-needed changes are coming to the blog in the next week or so. We’ll still be here blogging and pinning and online-shopping away like always, but we’re migrating our site from to (yippee!) and with it changing up the design and logo of the blog. It won’t happen over night (mainly because we want to get adjusted to our new CMS before really working out a new logo), so if things look a little wonky, know that we’ll be  here just the same and working on a bigger, better look for I love, I need. Thanks for hanging with us and hopefully we’ll see some more faces around here soon.  -XO, us


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Weekend Rewind

weekend rewind!

Hello friends! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend. As it was quite grey and rainy here, I spent most of my time indoors and not up to much, which was actually quite nice.

On Saturday I finally went to dye my hair after talking about it for ages. The last time I dyed my hair it was from a box and it turned out quite orange, so after a three-hour trip to the salon it was a much needed treat. My hair doesn’t look too different, just a little more “sun-kissed” we thought is the best way to describe it. But it was nice to have some type of change.

I also spent a lot of time at Ikea, as  you do. After several  hours (more time than I’d like to admit) I went home with brand new frames for some prints I’ve been meaning to hang, in addition to lots of little things (more things than I’d like to admit) including a few fantastic pillow and fabric for a little DIY I’ve been excited to do.

Summer’s truly ending in Dublin, it’s starting to get darker earlier in the evenings and the summer feeling’s just gone away. To combat this, I made some fresh lemonade and iced tea for our own at-home Arnold Palmers, hopefully it’ll keep me feeling summery a little longer!

[All photos from Lucy’s instagram feed]

Photo Finish


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Hello from Wisconsin, folks! I was all set to bring you a Barcelona-themed photo finish (the first of about a million you’re apt to see in this column) but then I woke up to this beautiful sunrise on Pewaukee lake. There’s just something so calming and beautiful about a lake early in the morning–in my mind, nothing is more serene. The best part about this particular sunrise? I watched it in my pjs and crawled right back in bed afterward for another hour or two of  much-needed sleep. Wishing you a tranquil and relaxing weekend!

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