Last month, Lucy shared her list of (hopeful) summer purchases in a Brooklyn tote that stole my heart. This month, I’ve decided to take a more practical approach to summer bags and share a peek at what life looks like from inside my mobile office. I finally gave up lugging around my laptop, chargers, books, etc in one very sad and very large purse and splurged on a beautiful leather backpack to fit all my gear and save my back. It was honestly my best splurge to-date. Here’s a look at what I’m carrying around the city nowadays (in addition to no less than three pens, chargers and a giant water bottle):

1. Portofino Large Leather Laptop Backpack, Claire Chase $219.56

2. Pocket Companion Notebook, Capri Designs $4–this was a cute paper gift from Lucy to help me track all of my freelance expenses, although she bought me on in a chevron pattern that I can’t find online.

3. A Storm of Swords, Amazon $9.99–this series of books alone was enough to get me to buy a backpack. I’m totally obsessed with them–and the show–but they are enormous.

4. Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry, Sephora $16–lip balm/gloss/stick + BB cream is the only thing I’ve been wearing makeup wise.

5. Large Metal Aviators, Ray Ban $145

6. GMYLE Matte Rubber Case for Apple 13″ Macbook Pro, Amazon $12.98–super sturdy, cheap and very cute, this case was a must-get once I started bringing my laptop out into the world regularly.


What are some of your summer bag must-haves?